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The Night of San Juan

In A Coruña, the night of June 23rd is one of the most anticipated nights of the year: on this date, the city celebrates the Night of San Juan.

The entire city celebrates the arrival of summer, wrapped in smoke from the bonfires and immersed in the magic of a night full of mysticism and traditions.

One of the most emblematic traditions in A Coruña is lighting bonfires at midnight. These bonfires symbolize purification and it is believed that jumping over them brings good luck and drives away evil spirits. Many people also take advantage of the occasion to get rid of old and negative objects, symbolizing the beginning of a new stage.

Another tradition is picking flowers and leaving them submerged in water during the whole night of San Juan. And then, the next morning, people wash their hands and face with this water. They believe that water acquires beneficial properties during the night, which are added to the therapeutic and cleansing properties attributed to plants.

The typical meal this evening is grilled sardines, which are prepared in the streets of A Coruña. The party extends throughout the city and hundreds of bonfires are lit along the entire coast of Galicia.

It is certainly an opportunity to leave old things behind and welcome summer with joy and hope. Whether it’s jumping over the bonfires or enjoying the festive atmosphere, this magical night brings the city together for a unique celebration.

Happy San Juan to everyone!