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Our AW23 collection was conceived with the idea of enhancing the value of every kind of friendship. And now, it’s time to invite some friends to show us their besties!

All the way from South Korea, @hahas_father shows us the friendship between a sister and brother.

Based on the theme of our collection “Los Amigos”, we invited five different families from all around the world participated sharing with us their unique friendships.

Having the opportunity to appreciate different types of friendship is something very enriching, especially at a young age. These experiences not only become valuable memories but also teach us to empathize and understand different realities.

Maya, Maggie & Molly from @our_wildlings_.
Noé & Nina from @ces_sales_gosses.

What we loved most about this project is how it encourages us to invest time and love in doing something nice for someone else. It also gave the kids the opportunity to practice empathy and appreciation for other cultures, while also sparking their curiosity and sense of adventure.

@me_and_my_butts featuring a friendship story between three siblings.
@jessandkin from Australia.

Let’s celebrate friendship! It transcends races, ages and species. So don’t limit your imagination when it comes to friends.

We encourage you to join the game with us and share your besties using the hashtag #TagYourBestie ❤️