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The SS24 collection, “All That Breathes”, was designed to pay tribute to and show respect for “all that breathes”, sending an optimistic yet conscious message about the future for generations to come. That’s why we wanted to share the experience of creating something new from recycled materials.

Anouk and Nuno (@dorometterschling) holding their mobile theater made with recycled materials.

We invited some friends to create toys using items like boxes, bottles, cans or any reused materials they might have at hand! We hope their creations inspire and motivate you to reuse items that might appear to be trash but still have the potential to become a brand new toy!

Pranas & Ona took this amazing plane they built to the beach (@emilijaknyzelyte).

As you can see, from something as simple as a small cardboard box, you can create something new and different. Use tools to shape it, glue to connect the pieces… And don’t forget to personalize it with your favorite colors!!

Anna, Susu & Julia (@lesfillesdejeanne) created a necklace, a boat, and binoculars!

You can always go further and combine materials to create more complex shapes. You can find countless tutorials online, but we invite you to start from scratch with what you have on hand and let your imagination fly. It’s a very positive exercise for the little ones at home. Plus, this activity will help them become aware of waste in a world increasingly driven by continuous consumption.

Toby from @therealtobytobz created this boat from a shell he found at the beach.

We encourage you to join the game with us and share your creations using the hashtag #AllThatBreathes 🌿