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A Closer Look: Mail Art

The way we communicate has changed so much in recent decades. What today seems rudimentary, like sending a letter, was commonplace not so long ago. In many cases, it was the fastest and most effective way to communicate with someone in another part of the world.

Fortunately or unfortunately —or perhaps both—, this type of communication has become exceptional. For our SS23 collection “Postcards from Anywhere” we wanted to take up this subject again. We also want to take the opportunity to talk to you about Mail Art.

This is an artistic movement that emerged between the 60s and 70s. It mainly consisted of exchange and communication by mail. The means of communication determines the characteristics of the object to be sent, while adding uncertainty and possibilities of intervening in the work.

Ray Johnson Mail Art, Various Artists, c. 1963-1979 via

Ray Johnson’s works are a good example, since he is considered the greatest representative of the movement. In 1970 he organized the “New York Correspondence School Exhibition”, the first significant public exhibition of the genre.

Margaret Rizzio: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered via
Richard C. Correspondence Art: Words, Objects, and Images via
Richard C. Correspondence Art: Words, Objects, and Images via
Sylvia Clara Zellweger, Switzerland via

In addition to creating postcards or intervening the envelopes, mail artists also develop graphics related to the medium, such as stamps or rubber stamps. Actually, any object is allowed in: you just have to let your imagination run wild.

Outgoing to Ryosuke Cohen (Japan) – Dec 2018, Ruud Janssen via
Feeding the network, Outgoing to Italy - Oct 2018, Ruud Janssen via

Without a doubt, receiving a physical postcard —something that you can touch, smell and after all, feel— provokes a totally different sensation than receiving an email or a text message.

With its clear disadvantages in terms of immediacy, we encourage you to continue sending a postcard to your loved ones from time to time.

Mail art has been a global movement for decades and is still alive in different forums, where you can join a network that exchanges postcards with people all around the world. To set an example, we have started doing it in our own offices!