The Campamento by Playfulmodernkids

Adonis and Adonay are @Playfulmodernkids and you will get to know them by their
particular style and personality, transmitted through the photos that their mother,
Shanlynne, takes of them in Philadelphia, where they live. The name of the city means “the
city of brotherly love” (composed of philos (φίλος) “love” and adelphos (ἀδελφός)
“brother”) and it is the perfect framework for the urban style of these two brothers.


Shanlynne, tell us a bit about yourself.
Where does your sensitivity with photography come from?

I started basically with the most crappy camera in high school, photography has always been an outlet
for me to “getaway ” . The funny thing is before I quit art school ( when I found out I was pregnant at 19 years
old ) I majoring in interior design and photography was more of a hobby . I’ve grown to love photography
more as my art but I’ve always been multi creative when it comes to art.

What is the spirit of PlayfulmodernKids?

We always try to remain playful and humble . Or spirit is to always be positive no matter what situation,
we’ve been through so much growing as family so young , we always didn’t have the resources some
younger families have , but we didn’t let our mistakes take over our lives.

How do you live the experience that your family is at the same time your creative team?

Both my husband and I are creative , I think we make the perfect team .
My husband ( Francisco) is more technical than I am , so mostly the brains when it comes to music
writing / producing engineering and videography. I’m the one that does all the fun stuff ! I do the creative
direction, styling ,photo editing, and photography . The boys are the reason we try to keep going .
Our team is @imagenfotographi on Instagram!

Could you tell us what a common working day is like for Playfulmodernkids?

When we do have a project , most of the time I try to plan out everything for each shot .
But in honesty , I feel like the less I try the more perfect the shot is . I go by color , props or architecture, my
main goal is to show my creativity in real life ; I’m always brainstorming new ideas. My husband is usually
up all night working on music , if not trying to learn more on producing or videography:

You live in Philadelphia, such an extraordinary city. Does it have any influence in your art?

Yes , I feel creatively free . We all enjoy living the city life . Sometimes it can get crazy but I love it
Most of the structures are victorian or mid century, I feel a ton of inspiration with that right outside our door .We
are also 1 hour away from the beach and NYC , so lots of inspiration.

How do you teach your kids to appreciate photography and art?

Our universe is surrounded by all things art related . I feel we see art and beauty in everything , I think my
kiddos just learn just by us . We actually love exposing them to museums , art books , and music . I always find
my boys doodling or making something ! I’m so proud of that
I’m hoping for our next project we can make more visual videos ! More content involving motion pictures and colors .