A new point of view is an exercise in which we expose ourselves to the eyes of a photographer, without any limitation or indication. It is a conversation that will reveal how we are perceived by them.This is often the best way for us to get to know each other.

Only one rule: the photographer transmits us what he/she feels about the collection. The atmosphere, the clothes and the composition are all his/her choice. Conversation and exposing yourself are fundamental tools in order to learn to live together and relate to our environment.
In this SS20 collection is Claire Guarry (@claireguarry) who speaks to us and shows us what The Campamento and “Les Bonvivants” are for her.

“In French, we call Bonvivant someone who knows how to live well. To me, this is all about freedom: a Bonvivant is free, he/she's able to enjoy the luxuriousness of the present moment without longing for more, unchained from the worries about tomorrow. He's unalienated from comparing to others. Who knows more than children how to live well? They are, I believe, the genuine Bonvivants. Their capacity to be in the present, to enjoy the simple but no less sensual pleasures of eating, making art, daydreaming, playing music, etc. is so inspiring. My own children show me the way these days more than ever to cultivate the Bonvivant within me and savor the opulence in every day, the extraordinary in the ordinary, the Milk and Honey of life".

Claire is a well-travelled, self-taught photographer whose work reflects her desire to encapsulate the rawness and beauty of childhood in pictures that remind the nostalgic and timeless feel of film photography and the aesthetics of cinematic images. She raises her three kids Lou, Elión and Anton by the ocean in San Francisco.